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10-11 october 2014 in Paris



DemoJS 2014

DemoJS is a day long, open to all, web based, but not only, free demoparty

The web demoparty, with a twist

DemoJS is the last demoparty dedicated to the web arcanes. It has started as part of the mozilla initiative to bring attention of the demo community to the web. After 4 sessions, the demoparty is back and is now a special place for the demoscene in Paris.

That said, this year is special. We've decided to open competitions to all platforms, not only web. So if you feel like saying FUCK JS and are more into oldskool, PC, toasters, or in fact whatever you can make a demo with, this is for you. Come at DemoJS, and FUCK JS.

Good vibes

DemoJS is before anything else a demoparty open to everyone:

  • The event is free
  • There is something for everyone (concerts, conferences, beers...)
  • The team is friendly and eager to help newcomers

What to bring to a demoparty?

  • Your computer
  • An ethernet cable
  • Your creativity!


Transportations from Paris and nearby

Bastille is one of the easiest place to find in Paris! Use public transportation if possible, as parking spots close to the party place are quite scarce (it's downtown, and crowded).

  • Metro (Bastille): 1 5 8
  • Bus: 86 76 65 29 20 69 87
  • Velib' (city bike rental): Find a station

Staying at the party place

There will be a quiet room friday night but you have to bring your own mattress or sleeping bag.

Still lost?

Feel free to contact us by email if you have any other questions.


Highlights of the party

The party starts friday evening and ends saturday night.

Friday night : Meet the scene / it's never too late to start your prod

Friday night is open to those who want to meet with the other sceners or polish their productions. You can also start your production there :)

Doors open around 8:00PM so the sceners can install their hardware and start coding.

At 9:00PM, the party starts for real! During the night, we will showcase the best JS prods, and also the best 2014 prods.

Saturday afternoon : Tech talks

Saturday afternoon is all about learning and discovering new stuff.

Starting at 3:00PM, we'll have some talks around techs and tricks in demos:

  • One liner, Labyrinth, screenshot, the A for discovering obscure languages

    Presented by Jean François Richard aka Jeffrey/VitalMotion. AmigaVibes co-creator.
    Writer for AmigaImpact, Revival and Amiga Power. Organizer of Demoparties.

  • Web demo packing - tricks and hacks behind FuckJS

    Presented by Rémi Papillié aka wsmind/tmp
    Engine developer at Ubisoft. DemoJS organizer.

  • Web audio API for the demoscene

    Presented by Paul Adenot aka evO/tmp
    WebAudio developer at Mozilla.

Saturday night : The show

At 8:00PM, the other days will rock the place with their chiptune. Really, they ROCK! Check out their sound cloud

At 10:00PM, we will roll out all the entries. Afterwards, attendees will vote for their favs and winners will be announced (around midnight)


General rules

  • The production must not have been released previously.
  • The production must enter in one of the compos (1k, 8k, 64k or demo) described below
  • The production must be either JS or FUCK-JS (choose your side) (more infos below)
  • Remote entries are allowed!
  • You should only submit your own work. In particular, copyrighted material is strictly forbidden.
  • You CAN start working on your production NOW. The production does NOT need to be made 100% at the party place.
  • Deadline is saturday 2014-10-11 @ 7PM CEST
  • Winners will be determined by voting from all visitors.
  • Entries may be disqualified by the orga team if judged innapropriate (pornography, illegal content...) or breaking the rules listed here.

If you have questions regarding the rules, feel free to send them to


Size limited (1k, 8k, 64k)

Play with a few bytes !

  • Everything needs to fit in one or more files.
  • Total size must not exceed the amount allowed, including HTML, JavaScript and all resources required to run the intro.
  • Note that 1k means 1024 bytes or less. We’re not counting in characters, but in bytes (beware of unicode).
  • The production have to work offline. (no http server required, no internet connection)
  • You are NOT allowed to retrieve content from the Internet
  • You should not use any operating system provided media files such as the "Media" and "Music Samples" directory
  • You can use built-in generic fonts such as serif, sans-serif.
  • No shim is provided.
  • Total size must not exceed size limit.

Note: given it's the first year we have 64k at DemoJS, we may merge it with 8k if not enough entries are released in this new compo.


No size limit, but it must be real-time!

  • No maximum filesize. However don’t try to run a movie in an iframe
  • Must be non-interactive
  • You can retrieve external content from the Internet, but it is at your own risk. We shall not be liable for connection problems during demo projection.

Compo machine

  • Technical description: Intel Xeon E5-1650 @3.2GHz (6 HT core) / 32GB RAM / GeForce GTX 770 4GB / 1920x1080
  • Entries will be run from a local file, not over HTTP - browser options for local file access will be enabled where necessary (e.g. --allow-file-access-from-files on Chrome).



  • Native browser technologies only, such as WebGL, Canvas or CSS. No plug-ins (e.g Flash or Silverlight), no extras.
  • The production has to work on at least one major web browser: Firefox, Chrome or IE. You are allowed to experiment with the nightly builds, but please keep us informed.

Fuck JS

  • Any tech allowed
  • Really, anything! Bring your toaster :)
  • The compo machine will be a PC with Windows, on which we can install software as needed (e.g DOSBox). For anything funkier than that, please bring your own hardware or get in touch with us so that we can prepare the appropriate environment for your production.
  • we will inform very clearly the audience about the platform & technology used in the FuckJs entries

How to submit your work?


You can submit your entry at the party place or by email for remote entries :

You will have to specify the following informations:

  • List of used technologies (e.g. WebGL, Audio API, GL4, etc.)
  • Instructions for the orga team (e.g best browser to run the demo, mandatory tech workarounds, etc.)
  • Recommended screen resolution for running the demo, if any

Remote entries

You can enter the competitions even if you're not present at the party.

Send us your production(s) by email:

Please include in your email:

  • Production title
  • Author/group name
  • (optionnal) a message about your production, that will be read to the live audience (of course, you can send us an audio or video recording if you wish!)


You will obtain THE GLORY of winning a recognized challenge in the demoscene community!


If you have any question about the rules, drop us an email:


Compo machine

Organization and comm' partners

Be part of the team

If you want to be part of the team, please contact us at